The Zepter Gallery

As a connoisseur of art and all that is beautiful, Madlena Zepter has left an indelible stamp on both Serbian and European culture through her unselfish donations and unflagging efforts.  

In 1994, she thought up and established the Zepter Gallery, which soon grew into one of the most prestigious Belgrade meeting-points for art-lovers.

Among the many activities of the Zepter Gallery, the one that stands out is – building up its Collection. The Collection started to grow through acquisitions at exhibitions, and was later added to and completed with the purchase of select works so that it now offers a complete survey of the Serbian art scene from the second half of the 20th century.

This imposing collection of artworks has been housed since 10 June 2010 in Mrs Zepter’s museum of modern art – the Zepter Museum. In this way she has made Belgrade the richer for one of the rare public art displays to be totally collected and financed by an individual.

The Zepter Gallery grew out of a protest against depression of the spirit and a difficult period that was especially unjust in its treatment of artists.

Too many of our national values were lost in the gloomy 1990s, where the general tendency was towards the dispersion and disappearance of what was most precious and the elevation of all that was bad and of poor quality. Adhering to the high criteria it set itself, the Gallery opposed this trend, through the exhibitions we mounted, through the events we organised, and, last but not least, through the Collection itself and the significance it carried. This anthology of Serbian painting from the second half of the 20th century is a pledge to uphold the values that make this city a true capital - a capital of the spirit.

Madlena Zepter

Zepter Museum